Everyone Can Make Change.

Fight climate change by supporting projects right in your community.

When we all chip in, great things happen.

We’re Crowdfunding projects that reduce CO2 right in your community.

Here's how:

Climate Cents as a nonprofit helps host and identify local projects that help reduce atmospheric CO2 to fight global warming and man-made climate change

We Identify

Our team vets and partners with local projects that reduce carbon in the atmosphere while having positive impact in our communities.

Our crowd funding platform is free to charities and non-profits as well as social enterprise groups to help us all fight man-made climate change locally in our communities

We Connect

We sign up thousands of people like you to support our vetted initiatives and as a group, help these projects in the fight against climate change.

Donors can see data visualization and updates on the progress of our partners projects fighting man made climate change in our community.

We Report

We then measure, track, and report the progress of every project, so you can see the impact of every dollar you donate and follow.

Our LA Kick-off Projects

We're getting off the ground right here in Los Angeles with more projects on the way.

Find one that matters to you.

Lots of ways to join the fight.

Want to build Climate Cents with us?

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