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Climate Cents Fundraiser

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Climate Cents


We at Climate Cents are trying something new - and we need your help.

We started this organization to tackle the fundamental question - how can we make fighting climate change simple, fun, and easy for the average person? We live such busy lives, and as much as we'd like to be completely carbon-free, for some it's impractical and many times unaffordable. And while there is an overwhelming consensus on the reality of global warming, there are many who are turned off by the gloom and doom scenarios and think climate change is far off in the distance, there's nothing we can do, and they should push back on changing their way of life.

However, there is something we all can do, right here in our backyard, and we can have fun making the world a better place. Because - hey, why not? We want to bring those solutions to you, and we want to make it easy for you to get involved - with no judgment. The community we're building is for anyone and everyone, and that starts with your support.

We've built a digital platform to bring you local projects you can support - but that is only the beginning. In the coming year, we hope to create an app for iOS and Android phones, start a blog/newsletter to keep you updated on everything happening in your community, and build out our website even more to increase its functionality. And you can help make this a reality.

Give what you can - all donations are tax deductible, and you will be investing in your climate, in your City, and in your planet. Those of us who work on Climate Cents take no pay - we are volunteers who are trying to make a difference. Please join us - we'd love to have you. ;)

Any questions - email hello@climatecents.org - and THANK YOU!!

Check back for more on science.
Climate Cents is a Los Angeles-based, nonprofit organization, which researches, vets, and partners with local projects that reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Working with other nonprofit organizations, Climate Cents helps design the project, calculates its carbon benefits, and creates the project page on our platform.  Next, we organize a crowdfunding challenge, where we work with our project partners on the message, design, and marketing of the campaign.  Individuals, community groups, and even businesses all compete to raise money, volunteer, and win prizes – all for the benefit of the project.  We then measure, track, and report the progress of every project, so the participants can share the impact of their efforts on social platforms.  The end result is a positive, local action that is broadcast throughout the participants’ friends, family, and communities.

Word of mouth is our best way to build support.

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